Bottom of the sea – stamps from Faroe Islands

The Faroese Post has issued a set of four stamps depicting a fabulous submarine world seen through the photographer Ingi Sorensen's camera lens.

The Faroes are truly a diver's paradise that compares favorably with any other place on earth. The sun, the towering cliffs, the birds, the sea, the fish, the thickets of seaweed, the play of colors and incredible rock formations on the bottom where everything forms a synthesis are quite indescribable.

The four photos reproduced on the postage stamps were taken at Kvivik. Diving at Kvivik is like taking a walk in an enchanted grove, with the difference that you can see beautiful, multicolored thickets of seaweed and the sandy bottom, or "sand eyes". Many different life forms, many unique and beautiful submarine landscapes, absolutely fantastic places where nobody has ever been can be seen there.

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