Portugal Celebrates Bicentenary of the Birth of Chopin and Schumann

In 1810, with only three months in between, two important persons in classical music of all times were born: Frederic Chopin was born in Zelazowa-Zola, a small village near Warsaw while Robert Schumann was born in Zwickau, a town not far from Leipzig, in East Germany.

Pioneers and outstanding paradigms of romantic music, in a transitional period when classicism still prevailed in its various forms of expression, we owe them for the creation of a number of compositions with innovative formal characteristics and for the exploration of new sentiments and experiences, fruit of a more passionate relation with art, which was also typical of contemporaneous painters like Delacroix, or poets like Goethe and Heine, whose words inspired Schumann.

The cultural heritage of mankind, the long-lasting work of universal scope of these two musical geniuses, fully justifies that the Portuguese Postal Services dedicate this commemorative philatelic issue to these two masters of music.

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