Marshall Islands issues new stamps featuring Seashells

On March 29, 2010, the Marshall Islands Postal Service issued four new stamps featuring colorful seashells.

The Giant Tun can grow to be six inches long. It is carnivorous, using a special weapon to kill its prey: a long, moveable arm-like extension with a suction cup on the end. The Pilgrim's Scallop is a bivalve, meaning the soft parts are enclosed within two hinged shells. It has a series of prominent, highly developed eyes with which it can detect light and dark, as well as motion. The Paper Nautilus inhabits the Mediterranean and other warm and temperate oceans. The female secretes a special boat-shaped shell to protect its eggs. The Gibbula magus feeds on algae and is found in the Mediterranean below depths of 10 meters. This shell is prized by collectors for its frequently brilliant coloration and interesting shape.

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