Orient Express – Romanian-Austrian joint stamp issue

The Orient Express train made the connection between Paris and Constantinople, namely between the Occident and Orient, and was undoubtedly the most famous and romantic of all trains. Though it belongs today only to the nostalgic tourism - by the trains "Nostalgia Istanbul - Orient Express" (N.I.O.E.) and "Venice Simplon - Orient Express" (V.S.O.E.) which ran and continue running through Romania - its echoes have never died away. Writers, musicians, painters and cinematographers got inspired from the history of this famous train and contributed to the creation of its legend.

This train began operating in June 5th 1883, under the name of Le Train d'Orient or Express d'Orient and its first route, 2,638 kilometers long, lasted for 59 hours and 15 minutes.

Romfilatelia introduces into circulation the joint stamp issue entitled "Orient Express", alongside with Austria, in order to mark the special cultural relationships between Bucharest and Vienna, built over time.

The stamp with the face value of 4.70 Lei represents the Orient Express train in May 1921, at Sinaia station. It had been pulled by a Pacific engine, type 2C1-h4, which belonged to the Bucharest Travelers Depot and was used on the route Bucharest North - Ploiesti - Sinaia - Brasov and back.

The stamp with the face value of 2.40 Lei represents the Orient Express train, in 1909, at Salzburg station, consisted of a four-axle restaurant car and pulled by a compound engine, type 2B-n2v from the Austrian series K.k.St.B. 206.01-206.70 belonging to Depot Wien II and which was used to pull the Orient Express train on the route Salzburg - Vienna and back.

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