Italian stamp commemorating the bubbles of Berlucchi

Italian Post Office has issued a new stamp within its "Made in Italy" series. This time the stamp is dedicated to Guido Berlucchi & C Spa, the icon of Italian alcoholic beverage industry situated in Franciacorta.

On the right-hand side, there is a close-up of the first bottle of Pinot di Franciacorta produced by the Guido Berlucchi winemaking group in 1961, and on the left, the logo for the 50th anniversary.

Franco Ziliani, president of Guido Berlucchi & C Spa said: "We are much honored in occasion of the privilege that the Ministry of Economic Development and the Italian Post gave us, issuing a stamp dedicated to our company. We are grateful for this unique opportunity, which highly appreciate the effort of the company and of producers in promotion of Italian wine".

With over 4.6 million bottles sold, representing 26% of the Italian sparkling wine, and 40 million euro turnover in 2009, Berlucchi does not seem affected by the crisis with the successful 2010. In 2011, finally, the company prepares to celebrate two important anniversaries: the eighty years of President Ziliani and fifty years of Franciacorta wine cellars.

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