Uzbek postage stamp promotes preservation of glaciers

Uzbekistan has released a postage stamp to help draw attention to the preservation of glaciers.

The stamp, issued under the theme "Europe: Preserving Polar Regions and glaciers" was released by Uzbek authorities in response to calls by Finland and Chile to fellow members of the Universal Postal Union.

The aim is to help promote an international movement on environmental protection of the world's Polar Regions and glaciers by issuing postage stamps through 2011.

The ecological and energy future of Uzbekistan and neighboring states of Central Asia are threatened by the unprecedented speed of glacial melting in the region's Tien Shan mountain range.

Glaciers are receding at an alarming rate and with it the region's once-thought limitless supplies of fresh water and its source of hydropower electricity generation.

One expert said recently that the region's glaciers are melting at a rate three times faster than they were in 1950, according to an October report by EurasiaNet news agency.

The growing crisis is expected to raise the already high levels of tensions between the region's countries over shared water usage and distribution.

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