Children’s books – Faroe Islands’ stamps

The Faroese Post has issued two stamps depicting two national children's books "A dog, a cat and a mouse" and "Mos-Molte's trip".

The book "A dog, a cat and a mouse" was published in 2004. The entire story takes place inside a house that could be anywhere in the world. The background is done in ocher brown watercolors on which the characters are drawn with pencil and black ink. It's a classic story about a dog, a cat and a mouse.

The book "Mos-Molte's trip" was published in 2008. It tells about one of those little trolls in the Faroe's, which can withstand sunlight and can travel so much around the islands, as they wish. In colorful watercolors raises the little troll, Mos-Molte. The journey begins on the ocean bottom where Moss-Molte finds a pearl in a seashell. With the pearl he travels around the country on the back of a gannet, a horse, a whale, a crow and a ram, until he finds his little friend, who gets the pearl. In the end of the book we find the two friends sitting together and looking at the sea.

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