Canada Post’s Christmas Ornaments stamps

Glimmering glass-blown baubles in red, blue and pink grace these festive stamps issued just in time for the Christmas season.

The commemoratives were designed by Michael Zavacky of the Ottawa-based branding agency, McMillan. "My mother was a great collector of ornaments, and they've stayed in the family," he explains. "Rummaging through my collection, I was struck by how fascinating they are. They really are works of art - elegant and delicate, each with its own memories attached."

Zavacky began the design process with hand-drawn sketches, moving to the computer, where he worked in a lively assortment of shimmering, swirling snowflakes - which were printed in clear foil for an authentic sparkle. "Growing up in Canada, Christmas was always about snow," he says. "I wanted the design to capture that experience."

Zavacky veered away from traditional reds, greens and golds, introducing a cool colour palette and limiting each stamp to two tones. He explains, "The contrast between the simple colours and the complex detailing of the artwork makes for an interesting visual."

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