Marshall Islands issues new stamps in its landmark Culture series

The Marshall Islands Postal Service has issued five new stamps celebrating Marshallese Culture - the eighth issue in this ongoing series.

Even as late as the early 1800s, Western civilization had not yet reached the Marshall Islands. Subsequently, the unique culture and traditions of the Islanders remained virtually untouched by foreign influences. Over the course of many centuries, however, the proud and eminently resourceful Marshallese developed a rich and fascinating culture that became apparent in their home-building, clothing styles, religious activities, canoe-construction, navigation and fishing methods, just to name a few.

The stamps in this eighth installment of the Marshallese Culture series depict vintage photographs capturing various scenes of Marshallese life: Church Buildings in Likiep (c. 1912); Ijuran Ready to Launch (c. 1921); Group of People, One Man Holding a Fish Net (c. 1904); Lejek with Fish Trap on Korkor in Likiep Lagoon (c. 1920); Landscape with Outrigger and Sailboat (c. 1904).

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