55 Years of ‘ZASTAVA 750’ stamp

The Serbian Post has issued a stamp commemorating the 55th birthday of the popular Yugoslavian vehicle "Zastava 750".

In 1955, in SFR Yugoslavia started the production of "Zastava 750", more popular under the name of "fica". This vehicle was largely derived from Fiat 600 D.

Although intended for the transportation of smaller passengers on shorter distances, whole families have used it to travel from one side of the country to the other in order to visit their relatives.

Definitively, "fica" had a crucial role in the Yugoslavian motoring. This car was used as a police car, an ambulance, for military needs, and in driving centers. In April 2000, at the Motor Show in Belgrade, "Zastava 750" was declared to be the car of the century and millennium, according to the opinion of the Serbian drivers.

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