New Manx ‘Art History’ Set – Wartime Internment Camps of the Isle of Man

Isle of Man Post presents the first of a landmark series of stamp issues focussing on the wartime Internment Camps of the Isle of Man.

The first issue "Art History" concentrates on the fortuitous coming together of European artists who were interned on the Island during the Second World War. Known as "His Majesty's Most Loyal Enemy Aliens', these foreign nationals were separated from society rather than imprisoned and this unique concentration of talent in a handful of Manx guesthouses yielded a remarkable range of artwork that forms the basis of this stamp issue.

Under kindly captors a number of artists and musicians made the most of their time and some went on to become nationally and internationally famous in later life. Such artists as Kurt Schwitters, Martin Bloch, Ernst Eisenmayer and Hugo Dachinger developed their work to the sounds of the nascent Amedeus Quartet.

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