Crime novel stamps by Sweden

A booklet of five stamps with a denomination of SEK 6 celebrates some of Sweden's most successful authors, both in Sweden and internationally, in the modern detective and crime genre.

One of the stamps shows pioneers Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo, who wrote the Chief Inspector Martin Beck series. The other stamps show four other authors who are all part of Sweden's fine crime-writing tradition.

The stamps were designed by Johan Petterson based on photographs by C. Maluszynski, C. Bresciani, F. Persson, D. Lagerlof, S. Soderstrom, L. R. Jansson, N-J. Norenlind, Y. Karahalis/Scanpix and H. Elofsson, Matton.

Engravers: Martin Morck (Sjowall, Wahloo), Piotr Naszarkowski (Mankell, Nesser), Lars Sjooblom (Marklund, Larsson).

Johan Petterson also designed the illustration on the first day cover (gavel, code of laws and handcuffs), the cancellation for the first day cover (shoeprint) and the collector's sheet depicting the books by the authors in the issue.

There are microtexts imbedded in the stamps of Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo, Hakan Nesser and Liza Marklund about the authors and their works. Try to find them!

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