‘Red Book Of Lithuania’ postage stamps

Lithuanian Post has issued two postage stamps under the name "The Red Book of Lithuania. Forest Fauna and Flora".

The stamps feature:

1,35 Lt - The Stock Pigeon
1,35 Lt - The Lesser Emperor Dragonfly

The Stock Pigeon (Columba oenas) is a member of the family of Columbidae, doves and pigeons. It constantly inhabits the Curonian Spit and Kazlu Ruda forests in Lithuania. Larger colonies of these birds are distributed in the southern and eastern regions of the country - Dainava, Rudninkai, Lavoriskes, Labanoras forests where pine trees dominate. Since 1970, this species is listed in the Red Data Book of Lithuania, as well as the Berne Convention, Annex III.

The Lesser Emperor (Anax parthenope) is a dragonfly of the family Aeshnidae. It is found in Ignalina, Lazdijai, Moletai, Prienai, Trakai, Ukmerge, Varena, and Vilkaviskis districts in Lithuania. The Lesser Emperor usually inhabits the surrounding areas of forest lakes and ponds. Since 1989, this species is under protection in Lithuania.

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