Hungary Post Celebrates 83rd Day Of Stamps

Following its traditions, on the special day of stamp collectors Magyar Posta is issuing a stamp series with two denominations and a miniature sheet with a surcharge.

The events of the 83rd Day of Stamps - including the Alps-Adriatic International Stamp Exhibition - will be organised in the town of Sopron between 26-28 March 2010. The amount coming in from the surcharge of the miniature sheet issued on the day of stamps - HUF 200 per sheet sold - will be transferred by Magyar Posta to the National Association of Hungarian Stamp Collectors to support national organised stamp collection.

On the HUF 80 stamp the Church of Saint Ursula and Virgin Mary's Church can be seen, while the HUF 105 denomination contains a picture of Mary's Column and the Gates of Faith. The sheet priced HUF 500+200 is decorated with a picture of the Statue of the Holy Trinity, and the frame drawing shows the Main Square of the town. The Main Square can be seen in the drawing of the special envelope belonging to the stamp series too, and in the envelope drawing belonging to the sheet there is the building of the House of Hungarian Culture, where the events of the Day of Stamps are organised. The illustration on the special cancellation stamp contains a stylised drawing of the Fire Tower.

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