700 Years of Paper Use in Hungary Commemorated on Stamp

Magyar Posta is commemorating the 700th anniversary of the use of paper in Hungary by releasing a special stamp.

The first Hungarian document on paper dates from 1310. The size of the straw-coloured fragment of a sheet of paper cut to the shape of an irregular, horizontal rectangle is 233-240 x 168-171 mm. The hand-made paper is relatively thick, but the thickness varies, and its condition shows the signs of the centuries. The letter of Cardinal Gentilis is today kept by the Hungarian National Archives.

The stamp design shows the first deed on Hungarian watermarked paper issued in Pozsony by the papal legate Cardinal Gentilis de Monteflorum. On the first day cover the reverse of the document and the building of the Hungarian National Archives are depicted. The special postmark employs the motif of a dragon watermark.

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