Prominent Hungarians on Stamps – Gaspar Heltai

The stamp image shows the cover of the last great work by Gaspar Heltai published in 1575, "Chronica az magyaroknak dolgairol" ("Chronicle of the ways of the Hungarians").

The special cover belonging to the stamp shows a detail of a collection of Aesop's fables published in 1566, the "Szaz fibula" ("One hundred fables"). The special cancellation stamp graphic is decorated with the watermark of Gaspar Heltai's paper-mill.

Gaspar Heltai (Caspar Helth) (Nagydisznod?, 1510?- Kolozsvar (today Cluj-Napoca), 1574?), 16th century Protestant writer, translator and printer. An outstanding representative of late Hungarian Renaissance literature, one of the creators of Hungarian prose of European standard.

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