For Youth 2010 – Imre Madach’s ‘The Tragedy Of Man’ Is 150 Years Old

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Every year Magyar Posta releases stamps with a surcharge to support stamp collecting by young people called 'For Youth'. In 2010 the 150th anniversary of Imre Madach completing his drama 'The Tragedy of Man' is the theme for the stamps. (The amount of the surcharge may not be used to pay for postage.)

In the designs of the stamps and margin of the miniature sheet there are illustrations inspired by Imre Madach's 'The Tragedy of Man' recalling the atmosphere of different scenes in the following order: Scene 2 - 'In Paradise' by Zoltan Reti; Scene 6 - 'In Rome' by Mihaly Zichy (Hungarian National Gallery); Scene 8 - 'In Prague' by Zoltan Reti; Scene 11 – 'In London' by Janos Kass.

The design of the margin of the miniature sheet refers to Scene 14 and shows a detail from 'Ice Age' by Janos Kass. The design of the cover features 'In Heaven' by Andras Farkas. The special postmark shows a hand holding a quill and one of the best known quotations from Scene 15: "Man, I have spoken: strive on, trust, have faith!"

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