Stamps To Honor 50 Years of Television in Norway

Norway Post has issued a series of stamps to celebrate 50 Years of Television in Norway.

The first tests of television broadcasts in Norway were conducted in 1954. Television broadcasting officially began in 1960, making Norway one of the last countries to launch television in Western Europe. The reason for this was the country's geography and rural settlement, which made it a very expensive operation. NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) later opened two new regional offices and began developing television production in other cities than Oslo - even if on a smaller scale. Colour TV became part of the permanent services in 1975.

Then NRK lost its monopoly. Gradually at first, but the death blow fell in autumn 1992 when TV2 went on the air after winning a licence to operate a nation-wide advertisement-funded television channel. It is clear today that NRK has not been harmed by the competition, but is better and more professional than ever. Digital TV, on three channels!

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