Aviation Centenaries – New stamps from Gibraltar

This Gibraltar stamp issue commemorates significant aviation centenaries.

The stamps feature Baroness Raymonde de Laroche, the first woman to obtain the pilot's license on 8th March 1910; the first fare-paying passengers flown by DELAG's Zeppelin LZ7 on 21st June 1910; Hubert Latham setting the altitude record at the time of 4,541ft. on Antoinette VII on 7th July 1910 and the Clement-Bayard No.2 - the first airship flight across English Channel on the 16th October 1910.

The miniature sheet commemorates the 100th Anniversary of Seaplanes featuring Henri Fabre flying Le Canard on 28th March 1910 making it the first seaplane to take off from water; the Supermarine S.6B: Schneider Trophy winner in 1931, the first aircraft to break the 400 mph barrier; the Short Sunderland from 204 Squadron, Gibraltar in 1941 and the Saunders-ROE Princess from 1952.

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