Croatian Stamp Secures Funds For Building Church In Africa

For the past thirteen years Croatian Pos has organized a vote for the most beautiful postage stamp issued in the previous year. This year, unlike previous contests, Croatian Post invited the public to participate and give their vote. The voters could choose from one of the stamps issued in 2009, sending their picks along with a copy of the stamp "Medimurje".

The postage stamp commemorating the 800th anniversary of the declaration of Varazdin as a free city was voted as the most beautiful in 2009, with 30% of the votes.

This contest also had a humanitarian purpose - Croatian Post has donated all "Medimurje" stamps received this way to the Mission Office of the Society of Jesus in Zagreb for the purpose of building a church in Africa.

The author of this unique stamp, Hrvoje Sercar, a notable artist from Zagreb, did not hide his satisfaction that precisely this stamp won the hearts of numerous voters:

"I am exceptionally pleased that the stamp depicting the town of Varazdin won because for me Varazdin is an enchanting town".

Hrvoje Sercar also won the third prize with his commemorative stamp Protection of Polar Regions and Glaciers, while the second prize went to the stamp issued on the occasion of 50 years of the Declaration and 20 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, with the motif of a teddy bear, by Jasna Bolanca Popovic and Maja Paukovic, both designers from Zagreb.

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