Special Stamp in Honor of Swimming Championships

Magyar Posta greets the 30th LEN European Swimming, Diving, Synchronised Swimming and Open Water Swimming championships to be held in Budapest and Balatonfured between 4-15 August 2010 with the issue of a special stamp.

The European Swimming League (LEN) usually holds the classical European swimming championships, in 50 m pool, every two years (In the past the championships had been held every four years.) Within the scope of the European Championships the competitors do not only measure their strengths in swimming, as there are also synchronised swimming and diving events and at this time they also hold the open water swimming championships as well. The event is also usually referred to as the "European Aquatics Championships".

On the basis of the decision of the Hungarian Swimming Association fifty percent of the ticket income of the 30th European Swimming Championships will be donated to the flood victims.

Graphic compositions referring to individual events of the championships are shown on the stamp, first day cover and special cancellation stamp.

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