New stamp honors Spanish actor Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez

Spain has issued a stamp in honor of Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez, one of the most prolific and important actors in the history of Spanish interpretation.

Lopez Vazquez was born in Madrid. During his life, he starred in more than 200 movies, filming several full-length films in a year. In 1971, he acted in a record 11 films.

Although he usually appeared in Spanish films, he has occasionally worked on international projects: in the UK film "Travels With My Aunt" from 1972, starring opposite Dame Maggie Smith. His best known role may be in the Emmy-winning film, "La Cabina", which was made the same year with director Antonio Mercero. Lopez Vazquez worked with Mercero on numerous other occasions, the most recent being their collaboration on a new project, a movie called "Y tu quien eres?" (2006).

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