Canadian Roadside Attractions postage stamps

Another quartet of warm, welcoming and whimsical Canadian landmarks take the spotlight in the latest Roadside Attractions stamp issue.

The second in this stamp series, these stamps are as fun and whimsical as the attractions they celebrate. Designer Fraser Ross of Halifax's Semaphor Design Company notes, "They're all iconic in their own way, so we wanted to give them each a monumental quality."

The stamps feature:

Coffee Pot and Cup (Davidson, SK)
Happy Rock (Gladstone, MB)
Wawa Goose (Wawa, ON)
Puffin (Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan, QC)

The stamps feature traditional oil paintings by Nova Scotia artist Bonnie Ross. The detail and dimension within them was captured by applying layer upon layer of graduated colour. The lively colour scheme lends a cartoonish aspect to the scenes.

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