First Mary Queen of Scots stamp issued

The first stamp featuring Mary Queen of Scots has been unveiled by Royal Mail.

It is part of a new set celebrating the royal dynasty of the Stewarts, who ruled Scotland until 1603.

TV historian and archaeologist Neil Oliver launched the stamp series at Stirling Castle, the historical home of the Stewarts.

He said the Stewart monarchy was a fascinating period of Scottish history, with "many dramatic characters and events".

The house of Stewart stamps include portraits of James I to IV, as well as Scotland's most famous Queen.

It is the latest in a series commemorating the royal dynasties of the UK, which has previously featured the houses of Lancaster and York and the house of Tudor.

Stamps marking significant events and figures during the age of the Stewarts are also being issued.

These include the foundation of St Andrews University in 1413, the foundation of the Court of Session in 1532 and the religious reformer John Knox.

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