A Designated Cachet for the National Lapoex 2010 Stamp Exhibition in Finland

A national stamp exhibition will take place in Lahti from March 26 to 28, 2010, and it will be commemorated with a special cachet. There will be two visual themes; the Lake Vesijarvi theme will be used on March 26 and 28. The event logo theme will be used on March 27.

The I love Vesijarvi theme has been designed by Antti Toivanen and Pekka Hamberg. The Lapoex 2010 exhibition theme has been designed by Heikki Salokannel. Both themes were transformed into special cachets by Tapani Talari.

At the Lapoex event, Posti will also publish one stamped envelope, and two cards with an imprinted stamp. The Siberian Flying Squirrel is the theme of the stamped envelope, continuing the previous endangered animals theme in stamped envelopes. Also the theme of one of the cards with an imprinted stamp is an endangered animal: the White-backed Woodpecker, which is the regional bird of Paijanne Tavastia. The Lake Vesijarvi illustration of the second card with an imprinted stamp refers to the exhibition and its location.

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