New stamps from Iceland – Icelandic design

Iceland has issued four new postage stamps as part of its Icelandic design series.

The stamps feature:

- The Hanger TREE, 2001. Created by Katrin Olina Petursdottir and Michael Young, this clothes hanger is among their designs which has achieved the greatest international popularity

- The Tango Chair, 1999. Architect Sigurdur Gustafsson, the designer of this chair, has used his knowledge and insights into architectural history for furniture designs

- MGO 180 Dining Room Table, 2005. The company Epal reconstructed a dining room chair by Sveinn Kjarval dating back to the fifties. Designers Gudrun M. Olafsdottir and Oddgeir Pordarson were assigned to design a modern dining room table suited to this chair

- The Sofa Dimon, 1999. This sofa was designed by Erla Solveig Oskarsdottir and reveals some distinct characteristics of her work as a designer. Erla's furniture are light and graceful characterized by a strong sense of form.

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