Hungary: Anniversaries In Aviation History

Magyar Posta is commemorating the centenary of notable events in the history of aviation by issuing a special pair of stamps with a label.

Graphic artist Peter Nagy, who designed the stamp, said about his work: "In my childhood I spent the weekends at airfields with my father and brother. My father, Jozsef (Nagy) Pazmandi, was obsessed with flying. He was involved in the history of Hungarian aviation as an external consultant to the Transport Museum. That was how I met his friends, outstanding personalities in the history of aviation: Pal Rev Senior, Erno Rubik, Laszlo Winkler, Antal (Toni) Banhidi, Lajos (Lulu) Rotte, Janos Weingartner and others. I dedicate the stamp design to the memory of my father and the great figures of aviation, with gratitude for Magyar Posta for being able to do so."

100 years ago, on 25 July 1909, the French engineer and constructor Louis Bleriot (1872

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