Protected Hungarian Flowers On Stamps

Magyar Posta presents two protected Hungarian flowers on its new postage stamps with no monetary value marked. The cloth-of-gold crocus is shown on the DOMESTIC stamp and the squill on the DOMESTIC PRIORITY stamp. The unusual feature about the issue is that the stamp depicting the cloth-of-gold crocus is also being released in a self-adhesive version.

In ultra violet light a red guilloche pattern is visible on the gummed set of stamps and a green guilloche pattern on the edge of the self-adhesive stamp. This is the first time in the history of Hungarian stamp issuing that sheets of 50 self-adhesive stamps have been made. The stamps in the sheet in each field have been made using kiss-diecut wavy lines imitating perforation stopping at the corners. Security kiss-diecutting has been used on the stamps for the inscriptions DOMESTIC and HUNGARY. Perforation lines aid separation between the lines and columns within the sheet.

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