Christmas stamps from Portugal

The aim of this issue is to highlight the 2009 Christmas by offering the possibility to add a more personal touch to the Season's Greetings which families and organizations usually exchange around Christmas.

Over the last decades, the Portuguese Philately has proposed different visualizations of the theme. These were, for the most part, inspired by national artistic heritage treasures - paintings and illumination, sculptures and ceramics, stained-glass windows and painted tiles.

This time, however, the evocation of Christmas appears in an original graphic design creation. In construing the gift exchange tradition, these colourful and merry stamps will point to the deepening of social ties.

Entering the homes carrying a "solidarity package" may help recall the Portuguese Postal Services' big 2009 campaign - transporting, free of charge, donations in kind to solidarity institutions - a "struggle against poverty and exclusion project" within the scope of the company's social responsibility policy.

Using Christmas stamps to personalize Christmas Greetings sent by mail, at a time characterised by instant electronic communications, will surely recall the addressee of the senders' very special consideration. In this way the stamps will foster the desired Christmas spirit.

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