Heritage Sites Series: Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape

Mapungubwe, which means 'hill of the jackal', is an ancient Iron Age archaeological site. Since its 'discovery' in the early 1930s, it has captured the imagination of researchers, writers and the public alike. In July 2003, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) declared the Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape South Africa's fifth World Heritage site. In May 2004, the national park in which it is situated was renamed the Mapungubwe National Park. To highlight this valuable cultural legacy, a set of five stamps was issued on 23 September as part of the Post Office's Heritage Sites series.

The well-known gold rhinoceros, which has become a symbol for Mapungubwe, is among the cultural objects depicted on the stamps. Other objects are a gold bowl, a gold scepter, spouted pots and a shallow terracotta bowl.

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