Christmas stamps from Canada: The Nativity Scene

These stamps celebrating the Nativity feature phenomenal sculptures by renowned Italian-Canadian sculptor Antonio Caruso.

The international stamp features the Shepherd; the domestic stamp features the Madonna and Child; and the U.S. stamp features the Magi. The figures are arranged on the souvenir sheet as they appear in the crèche.

Toronto graphic designer Joe Gault explains, "When positioned side by side, they work together as a set and tell a story." However, he notes, "The three stamps also vary considerably, each working as a unique artwork when applied to envelopes individually." Last year's Nativity stamp also appears on the souvenir sheet and first day cover, enhancing collectibility by bringing all four together as a set.

Canada Post began the tradition of featuring Nativity art on stamps in 1965, with an issue featuring the Gifts of the Magi. In the years since, the Nativity Scene has been portrayed in children's illustrations (1970, 1975) stained glass windows (1976, 1997), gouache illustrations (1977), early Renaissance paintings (1978), icons (1988), Aboriginal art (2002), and more.

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