2010 stamps feature rock, pop and romance

Finland's stamps in 2010 offer not only rock and pop but also romance. You can put stamps on letters and cards that will bring to mind the top names of Finnish rock music, pop antiques from the sixties, and country romanticism. The designers of the stamps include young talent as well as distinguished old hands.

The stamp year kicks off smartly on 25 January with top names of Finnish rock. Eppu Normaali, Popeda, Yo, Mamba, Dingo and Maarit are all on a miniature sheet to be issued in January. These popular and still performing artists were put on the miniature sheet by Klaus Welp.

Also scheduled for issue in January, with an eye to next month's Saint Valentine's Day, is a miniature sheet with cute fairies. A heart fairy, a fiddler fairy, and for example a star fairy deliver Finns' messages for Valentine's Day. The young artist Minni Havas created the fairies.

The new Cat's-foot non-value indicator stamp is the work of noted postcard designer Inge Look. The first class non-value indicator stamp is illustrated in art nouveau style with three cat's-foot wildflowers.

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