Descent from alpine pastures in Appenzell

The Alpabfahrt - or transhumance - is the name given to the ritual of bringing the cows back down from the alpine pastures into the valleys for the winter. This autumn highlight of the rural calendar sees a merry, colourful procession of animals and people wend their way down from the high pastures in Appenzell. In particular, the wonderful sound of the three large cowbells tinkling in harmony and the traditional costumes of the farmers with their bright yellow breeches and red waistcoats makes for an enchanting experience for young and old alike.

The Appenzell Alpabfahrt is depicted on three postage stamps in the folk art style. This traditional style of painting is found throughout the country, but is especially prevalent in eastern Switzerland. The most famous Swiss exponent is Albert Manser from Appenzell, who also painted the pictures for the three stamps.

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