New postal product in Greenland – Franking Labels

On 17th August 2009 the first Greenlandic franking labels were launched. They are used in the new POST-SELF kiosks and in the franking machine "Frankie".

The POST-SELF machine thus works as a small post office where you can send letters and parcels, outside normal opening hours. The franking labels work like this: You, the customer, choose the value to be printed on the franking label, which is then printed in the POST-SELF machine and affixed by the customer on to the post.

Moreover, for free smaller and medium-sized companies can acquire the franking machine "Frankie" in which the self-adhesive franking labels are also used. Payment is made by credit card through the internet.

POST Greenland offers these new self-adhesive franking labels to collectors too. The four different franking labels are printed on self adhesive paper and measure 22.5 x 55.00 mm. The labels were beautifully designed by Kunuk Platou. First day covers can be purchased up to 6 months after issue, i.e. until 17th February 2010.

According to plan, a new set of franking labels with new designs will be issued every year. A First Day Cover and a first day cancellation will be produced for each annual issue.

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