White-tailed deer on a new Finnish postal stationery card

In Finland, on October 9, a new postal stationery card will be issued on the theme of the Pirkanmaa provincial animal, the white-tailed deer. The card bears a postcard-equivalent value frank and postage is paid to all countries. The card is prices at 1.40 euro and the issue is 7,000. The designer is Paivi Viita.

On the same date as the postal stationery card, two letter sheets on the theme of endangered animals will also be issued. One depicts a white-tailed eagle on the wing, and the other shows a Saimaa ringed seal. The letter sheets bear postage paid to all countries and the price is 1.40 euro apiece.

This autumn will also see the issue of a Christmas postal stationery card. The first day cancellation of the Christmas postal stationery card will be on 6 November in Helsinki, at the Post Museum, where the 50th anniversary exhibition of the Postal Stationery Association of Finland will be on. The drawings on the card are by Asser Jaaro. The print run is 8,000 and the price is 1.40 euro.

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