Green Energy Stamp Series

This special issue of four stamps illustrates the diversity of green energy production in Korea today.

Green energy refers to the energy that is environment friendly and emits no or a minimum amount of polluting substances. It includes new and renewable energies such as hydrogen as well as energies that use the power of nature such as sun light, wind and water. Also included are clean fuels and highly efficient devices such as LED (light emitting diode).

Notwithstanding that the "green energy" industry in Korea is still in its formative stage, the Korean government has adopted low carbon, green growth as the paradigm for development of the nation, giving an impetus to the development of green technologies that are low carbon and environment friendly. Green energy is perceived not just as an alternative to fossil fuels of which supply is intrinsically limited, it goes beyond to be regarded as a self-rescue measure that can enable humans and nature to co-exist and save the earth.

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