Antiques and northern lights on new Finnish stamps

Finland's Antiques stamp series will be continued on 9 September with a stamp depicting the Gustavian style. The 1st class stamps, which were designed by Pekka Piippo, show a Gustavian dressing table, a late Gustavian candlestick, and a clock made by Nils Berg of Stockholm.

On the same date as the Antiques stamp, a six-stamp booklet on floral paintings and three Northern Lights self-adhesive coil stamps will be issued. These are all 1st class non-value indicator stamps.

On the issue date of the stamps, 9 September, Finnish Stamp Day will be marked at 34 post offices around Finland. The day will feature special cancellations and small-scale stamp exhibitions. Each participating post office will sell Personalised stamps of a unique kind. Each of the Personalised stamps for each individual location will be produced in a series of one thousand.

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