Micro Monsters on New Australian Stamps

Micro Monsters is a fascinating issue that reveals a wonderful microscopic world most of us never have a chance to see. Familiar everyday insects, magnified many times, are shown in a new light.

The striking stamp images are of:

an Ant
a Jumping Spider
a Weevil
a Hatchet Wasp
a Ground Beetle
and a Praying Mantis

This is a great issue for kids! For the first time the minisheet stamps incorporate thermoprinting technology.

The Micro Monsters minisheet was printed using six colour hexachrome and a black obliterating thermochromic to block out the magnification number of the Micro Monster on the stamp. The reaction may be triggered by either pressing and holding or lightly rubbing the treated area.
This affect is 100% reversible, as the affected area begins to cool it reverts back to black.

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