3D postage stamps from San Marino

In order to celebrate the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, San Marino has decided to tackle – and hopefully win – an age-old challenge: to create three-dimensional stamps. A challenge, which today, with the distribution of ever more flawless and spectacular 3D films, becomes more arduous, and for this reason, exciting.

Stereoscopes are certainly not a novelty: they were already extremely popular at the end of the 19th century. But a stereoscope in a postal kit is a totally new find.

In the meanwhile, three special 3D stamps are ready, which in reality are actually six, due to the two different images required by the system for each stamp. Printed on three mini souvenir sheets which are designed to fit into the stereoscope, they also carry positioning marks on the right hand side.

Three of San Marino's most classic views are depicted, specially selected and photographed by Paolo Candelari and his assistant, Nicola Franchini, who even used a crane to capture shots of the Statue of Liberty.

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