Canada Post honors Captain Robert A. Bartlett with stamp

This commemorative stamp was issued to mark the 100th anniversary of Captain Robert A. Bartlett's legendary attempt to reach the North Pole.

The issue features Bartlett holding a sextant, an instrument used to measure latitude and longitude at sea. "We chose the photo because it represents the navigational expertise for which he was renowned," explains designer Karen Smith. The top-left corner of the stamp features an outline of the globe from the North Pole downward, which bleeds onto the stamp's frame. The background features an image of the Roosevelt (the ship that Bartlett both skippered and captained on the Peary Polar Expeditions) superimposed onto a recent photograph of the Canadian Arctic. Smith adds, "We opted for a newer photo because the vivid colours capture the cool, harsh conditions of the region."

Scattered between the on-looking Captain and his ship are the Inuit people whose knowledge of the region ensured the survival of the explorers in the harsh Arctic climate.

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