The Israel Philatelic Service commemorates the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Israel

Pope Benedict XVI is scheduled to visit Israel from 11 May 2009 to 15 May 2009. This occasion will be commemorated by a selection of philatelic and souvenir products.

"My Own Stamp"

The Israel Philatelic Service will be issuing two "My Own Stamp" sheets. The first will be on sale from 4 May 2009 and during the visit and the second will be produced immediately afterwards and consist of actual photos taken during the visit.

Each sheet will be available in a special souvenir set.

Both "My Own Stamp" sheets contain 12 stamps. The stamp used is the "Blue and White" stamp showing the sea and the word "Israel" in Hebrew written in the sand.

ATM Postage Label Papal Visit

The labels will be dispensed from the ATM machines in Nazareth and Jerusalem only for the duration of the visit. They will be removed from sale on 17 May 2009.


Israel is also preparing the NIS 3.80 value label on decorative postcards for tourists to send back to their friends and family. There will be three different sets containing five postcards (each postcard has the postage label attached to it). Each set of 5 postcards cost NIS 25.

There will be four special cancellations:

4 May 2009 Cancellation for the ATM label, Nazareth
11 May 2009 First day of visit, Jerusalem
12 May 2009 Jerusalem
14 May 2009 Nazareth

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