Europa 2009 – Astronomy stamps from Denmark

Astronomy is the theme of this year's two EUROPA stamps.

2009 is the International Year of Astronomy, in celebration of the fact that it was 400 years ago that Galileo Galilei first pointed a telescope at the night sky and saw, among other things, the four moons around Jupiter and the mountains on the Moon.

Ever since the 16th century, when Tycho Brahe built his two observatories on the island of Hven, Denmark has had a strong tradition of astronomical observation. The Round Tower was built on the initiative of Christian IV and opened as an observatory in 1642. The Round Tower continues to provide a platform for looking at the stars, making it one of Europe's oldest functioning observatories.

The Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Copenhagen was inaugurated in 1989 as the advanced centre in Denmark for the presentation of astronomy and space research. At its centre is the "Space Theatre", a 38-metre-high cylindrical structure in which 240 people at a time can experience nature in 3D on the spectacular IMAX screen, or observe the firmament with the help of the star projector.

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