In March, Finland issues stamps on climate change, Easter dishes, roses and greetings

Some 40 countries will issue stamps on climate change this year. The common theme is Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers.

The Finnish issue on climate change is a two-stamp miniature sheet entitled Melting Glaciers. The sheet depicts a Polar sea in which pieces of melting ice shelf are floating.

The stamps on the Melting Glaciers miniature sheet are round: one forms part of the background picture's sky and the other is part of the sea.

In the middle of each stamp is a snowflake symbol, the campaign insignia used by all the issuing countries.

The miniature sheet will be issued on 18 March.

On the same date as the miniature sheet campaigning against climate change there will also be issues of stamps on Easter dishes, rose blossoms and greetings. All the new stamps are 1st class non-value indicator stamps.

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