Stamps4Africa Launches with First Fundraiser Effort at Wal-Mart

Stamps4Africa (S4A), a new non-profit organization with a single focus on African relief, has begun raising funds for African disbursement by making S4A stamps available. The S4A stamps work like regular 42 cent stamps and never expire. The offer makes 24 stamps available for $15 with the purchaser receiving $10 worth of stamps and $5 going as a donation to the new S4A non-profit group.

S4A kicked off its efforts earlier this week with a sales event at Wal-Mart in St. Paul, Minnesota.

"If enough people ship and mail with the S4A stamps, I believe, we can make a significant impact in Africa, saving and improving many lives," said Ilya Kaganovich, founder of the effort. "We need everyone that supports our mission of trying to save lives to start using the donation stamps and to start spreading the word".

The organization plans to either distribute acquired funds or partner with organizations that are already involved in the work of saving lives on the African continent. "As an example of how easily we can address the need, malaria kills 3000 children a day in Africa and simple items such as bed nets, vaccines, and mosquito control can help stop malaria and save many lives," added Kagonovich.

For more information, and to purchase stamps online, please visit

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