Endangered Species – ‘Durrell’

On 10th March 2009, Jersey Post will issue the first set in a new stamp series entitled 'Endangered Species' and this first stamp set will highlight the 50th Anniversary of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust which has its headquarters in Jersey.

Gerald Durrell started out with a vision to create a stationary ark, a reservoir in which animals in need of protection could be kept and bred. By giving a voice and a future to those animal species that we, as human beings, have brought to the brink of extinction, Durrell is sounding an alarm from its base in Jersey to every corner of the world. Durrell is saying "It's time to make a difference. It's time to act now!"

Jersey Post's Endangered Species - 'Durrell' stamps feature:

35p - Blue Iguana
39p - Madagascan Giant Jumping Rat
43p - Mountain Chicken Frog
52p - Livingstone's Fruit Bat
58p - Andean Bear
76p - Western Lowland Gorilla

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