Frosty Night won the 2008 Most Beautiful Stamp of the Year competition in Finland

The winner of the popular vote for the Most Beautiful Stamp of the Year 2008 was Frosty Night, a stamp designed by Nina Rintala. The stamp depicts a snowflake, a star and the northern lights.

The winner is a 1st class non-value indicator stamp. It was issued on 6 November and it is believed to be the world's first translucent stamp.

Frosty Night was given 9,710 votes. In all, 53,571votes were cast in the competition.

Second place in the competition, with 7,664 votes, went to the Sweet Pea stamp by Leena Airikkala.

Third place went to the Easter stamp based on an idea by Father Mitro, which was given 6,363 votes.

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