Holiday Stamps from Iceland

Earlier this year Post Iceland held a competition among primary school children for the designs of two Christmas stamps to be issued in 2008. The children were encouraged to use their imagination and creativity to design stamps that they would themselves want to use on their Christmas post in the spirit of the festivities. Two pupils in the 2nd class of Nesskoli in Neskaupsstadur won the competition.

The motifs consist of the Yule Goblin Stiff-Legs and the Christmas Cat.

According to legend 13 Goblins arrive from the mountains before Christmas. The first one, Stiff-legs, arrives on December 12th. The last one, Candle-beggar arrives on Christmas Eve.

The Christmas Cat is the house pet of the Yule Goblins' parents, Gryla and Leppaludi.

Day of issue: 6 November 2008

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