Finland previews 2009 stamps

The new stamp year will open with a splendid miniature sheet commemorating the year 1809 and the birth of Finland's autonomy. The Building a Nation miniature sheet depicts Tsar Alexander I and Finns who contributed to building a nation: G. M. Sprengtporten, C. E. Mannerheim and G. M. Armfelt.

At the same time in the beginning of the year, a stamp about hospitals' work and a booklet of six stamps about multicultural Finland will be issued. The booklet shows Finnish children with a different ethnic background.

Familiar series - Valentine's Day, Finnish Art, Antiques and Christmas - will continue next year. An interesting new item is a miniature sheet on fashion, to be issued in May. May will also see the issue of stamps about astronomy, sauna and Moomin trolls. The new Moomin stamps will depict sketches by Tove Jansson. The brain behind the Easter stamp to be issued in March is leading chef Hans Valimaki.

Different stamps on the theme of nature will be issued throughout the year. Conservation of Polar regions and glaciers is the common theme of a joint issue by more than 30 countries, with the aim of increasing awareness of the impact of climate change. Finland's issue is a two-stamp miniature sheet, to be issued in March.

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