Polish Post Marks Presidents In Exile

Polish Post is issuing a series of six stamps with images of the presidents of the Republic of Poland in Exile. The graphic design has been fashioned to resemble official national acts and banknotes.

Printed on the stamps are portraits of presidents in office in the years:

- 1939-1947: Wladyslaw Raczkiewicz (1885-1947), lawyer, creator of the Polish armed forces in Russia, minister of the interior, senator and voivode.

- 1947-1972: August Zaleski (1883-1947), historian, outstanding diplomat, foreign minister and senator of the II Republic of Poland. After seven years in office he refused to step down - this decision was one of the reasons of the division among the emigrants. The Council of Three, active between 1954 and 1972, was in opposition to the president.

- 1972-1979: Stanislaw Ostrowski (1892-1982), doctor, serviceman, MP since 1930, president of Lwow shortly before the outbreak of the war, prisoner in labour camps, later a soldier of the Polish Armed Forces under the command of General Anders. After the war he resumed his medical practice in Great Britain.

-1979-1986: Edward Raczynski (1891-1993), diplomat (in outposts in Copenhagen and London; ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Great Britain between 1934 and 1945), Polish deputy of the League of Nations. Member of the Council of Three (1954-1972).

- 1986-1989: Kazimierz Sabbat (1913-1989), lawyer, soldier of the Polish Armed Forces in the West during the war, actively engaged in scouting.

-1989-1990: Ryszard Kaczorowski (born in 1919), economist, scout, soldier of the Grey Ranks (Szare Szeregi), a prisoner of war in the Soviet Union (1940-1942), after the declaration of amnesty, a soldier in the 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division under General Anders.

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