Stamps around the world to promote protection of polar regions and glaciers

In 2009, Finland, Chile and about 40 other countries will issue stamps on climate change. The common theme is Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers. The international stamp campaign is being coordinated by Itella's Philatelic Centre in Finland. Finland's issue is a two-stamp miniature sheet, to be issued next March.

The Finnish issue features a photo of a polar region, with fragments of the thawing ice sheet floating on the sea. The stamps on the sheet are round: one of them is bordered by the sky in the picture and the other by the sea.

In the centre of each stamp is the campaign's crystal symbol. Between the stamps, in the middle of the miniature sheet, there is a graphical representation of the globe, with the polar regions demarcated by the perforation of the stamps. On the edge of the sheet there is a reference to rising temperatures and sea levels.

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